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Cascade raises A$40 Million Series A

Cascade recently finalised its A$40m Series A round. The round was led by Silicon Valley based Telescope Partners, and supported by Five V and Carthona.

Five V started working with Cascade in June 2021, leading the Seed investment round with support from Carthona, and materially increasing our investment in support of the Telescope-led Series A.

New capital from this round will support Cascade as the #1 rated strategy execution platform on G2, accelerating its product development roadmap and continued expansion into North America & Europe.

Cascade Founder and CEO Tom Wright states: “Our platform frees strategy from static presentations and spreadsheets into a dynamic workspace that drives alignment, day in and day out. The age-old debate about whether strategy should be top-down or bottom-up is finally over. It’s neither. Strategy needs to be dynamic, inclusive and adaptive to the current business environment.”

Cascade works with some of the best brands globally, including Astra Zeneca, American Express, Toshiba and Maclaren Racing.

Founded in 2014, Cascade’s enterprise-grade SaaS “strategy to execution” platform enables businesses to coordinate, implement, and execute strategic initiatives throughout any organisation. Cascade’s software assists individuals, team leads, and executives to have oversight on discrete pieces of work, employee engagement, completion status, and how these initiatives relate to each other and the broader company goals.

Congratulations Cascade and Tom Wright!

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