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Our Commitment to Community: Introducing our Charitable Partners

Five V Capital is proud to announce our charitable commitments in 2024 across key partners: The Indigenous Literacy Foundation, RizeUp Australia and SANE. These partnerships were chosen and led by the Five V team, aligning with causes we are passionate about. This commitment is made in collaboration with Pinnacle.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation

The ILF’s purpose is to invest in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities to provide the tools and resources they request to shape the direction of their children’s literacy futures. Through collaborative investment in Community and meaningful strategic partnerships, the ILF supports sustainable and positive change in Indigenous literacy through the supply of books and a focus on the publication of Indigenous content.

Five V and the Foundation are commencing their partnership with ILF in FY24, and together are supporting three inspiring programs:

Book Buzz – aims to develop familiarity and engagement with books for children under five through a daily dedicated Story Time session, so children can develop critical pre-literacy skills. It also provides the funding for many remote Communities to translate popular books into First Languages, allowing children to start their literacy journey with books in languages spoken in their homes.

Book Supply – distributing 120,000 books per year, Book Supply is the largest curated list targeted to the specific needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities. Access to books in remote Communities is challenging, as there are often no libraries or bookstores. Book Supply provides new, culturally relevant books to remote Communities across Australia. Schools, community health, and women’s centres can also order books to distribute to children and families.

Community Publishing Project – supports communities to write and illustrate their own stories in languages of their choice. These stories are created by adults and children in a Community and published by the ILF. The books are then gifted back to the Community to share with children and families. These books are highly desired because they often share a local story that a Community is familiar with and in a language they speak at home.


RizeUp is a nationwide organisation dedicated to partnering with front-line specialist agencies and the community to provide tangible, life-changing support for families affected by domestic and family violence. Their core mission revolves around driving awareness of the prevalence of domestic and family violence within Australian society, and more crucially, generating practical assistance that offers families hope, support, and the means to break free from the cycle of violence.

In FY24 Five V will help fund the cornerstone of RizeUp’s endeavours – the ‘Homes Program.’ Founded on the belief that the journey to live a life free from violence begins with having a safe, comfortable home, funding will furnish homes for families emerging from traumatic circumstances, creating sanctuaries of comfort, support, and security.

The Foundation will fund RizeUp’s Trauma Recovery Hub, created to ensure families impacted by domestic and family violence can access specialised trauma recovery assistance and general medical attention, without the fear of being unable to cover either the Medicare gap or the full cost.


SANE offers a range of free digital and telehealth support services for people over 18 years of age with complex mental health needs, and their family, friends and carers. The organisation also provides support to people with intellectual disability, autism or acquired brain injury and mental health issues.

SANE has three goals:

  • End mental health inequity through systemic change
  • Eliminate stigma, discrimination, and social exclusion
  • Equal employment and economic opportunity

In FY24 Five V will help fund the implementation of a Safety, Risk, Management and Planning Module which will enable SANE counsellors to better support those who are risk of harm or suicide ideation.

The funding will enable SANE to invest in sophistication of its system so that when counsellors are managing crises, responses are more integrated, support better prevention and improve SANE’s response at an organisational level.

The Foundation’s funding will be directed towards digitising SANE’s Peer Ambassador and volunteer programs. This will allow SANE to improve the quality, compliance and efficiency of its programs and build their systems to scale up volunteering opportunities in the future to continue to raise awareness and reduce the stigma around complex mental health issues.

As a certified B Corporation and member of Pledge1%, we are proud to support our charity partners who provide meaningful impact to our team and our community.

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